I am a novice in vices
Even then I am a votary of it
I can’t understand these bloody men
Who sheds so many tears on morality
They are ignorant fools
Who don’t know what nature is
Without vice virtue cant exist
They are the reverse side of the same coin

If there is no vice in this world
It would be a boredom to live here
It is the follies and frivolities of others
Which make us happy in this world
Those who have no eyes to see this
Have no right to condemn others.


In this vast universe
I am only a dot
Still I think I am prominent
Because of my ego
It is a stumbling block
For those who want to attain- the lotus feet of god
History gives us a long list of men
Who have become zero, due to Ego
Still I am not able to discard it
Now I have become wise
And try to follow the path of Yoga.

An Ode to Maa Ganga

Salutations to thee Ma Ganga
For coming to our land
On request of Baghiratha.
It took many years for Baghiratha
To please you and bring here
Thus the word Bhagiratha became synonym
For Hard work, untiring and relentless
You helped Baghiratha’s forefathers
To attain Moksha
From then we began to worship you
In the hope of immersing our sins in you
From then we have sinned so much
Even your purificatory power has gone down
It would not be a wonder
If you decide to vanish like your sister
In fear of becoming a sinner
You gave birth to Satya Vrata
Who became Bhishma
And left the earth when the promise was flouted.
On your banks flourished great empire
Which brought glory to Bharat
Alas time has changed and those Pilgrim centers
Have become nurseries of all vices
I presume, your unbecoming behavior
Is the result of our karma?
If you get infuriated it is not your mistake
None is to be blamed than we the selfish people.

An Ode to Death

Oh Death, you are the dispenser
Of joy and sorrows
I see god’s grace in you
But why elude those who want you
And thrust upon those
Trying to be far from you
Aren’t you aware of the injustice?
Or do you want to show
That you love those who hate you
And I do not see poetic justice in your act.