An Ode to Death

an ode to death

Oh Death, you are the dispenser
Of joy and sorrows
I see god’s grace in you
But why elude those who want you
And thrust upon those
Trying to be far from you
Aren’t you aware of the injustice?
Or do you want to show
That you love those who hate you
And I do not see poetic justice in your act.

Published by V K Kutty

A book is not just bunch of written pages stuck together, but it is the portal to a world unknown. A time machine, that transports you into different zones. And that was what Mr. Krishnan Kutty did, when he first lay his hands on the books. The Voracious reader in him, always made sure that he was savored with different genre and writing style. So much is his love for reading, that he literally never let any page unturned.