Memorable are the days
When one has nothing to worry
Love is showered without stop
And when they compete to fondle you
After a few years, you grow up
And everybody expects manners from you
On a slight error, they rebuke you
They preach about duty and all such things
You get bored and shout to revolt
Then you are crushed with a heavy hand
You can only sigh and weep
For the lost childhood.

Published by V K Kutty

A book is not just bunch of written pages stuck together, but it is the portal to a world unknown. A time machine, that transports you into different zones. And that was what Mr. Krishnan Kutty did, when he first lay his hands on the books. The Voracious reader in him, always made sure that he was savored with different genre and writing style. So much is his love for reading, that he literally never let any page unturned.