The festival of lamps has come
Children rejoice at its sight
Elders feel happy
In being able to light the lamps
Wherever I look, I see lights only
But there is no light within me
I wonder
Whether it is the case with others also.
What is the use of having light
When it canʼt kindle the heart
Religionists speak of that eternal light
Which is immersed in darkness
Let that be our effort
To kindle it in our heart.

Published by V K Kutty

A book is not just bunch of written pages stuck together, but it is the portal to a world unknown. A time machine, that transports you into different zones. And that was what Mr. Krishnan Kutty did, when he first lay his hands on the books. The Voracious reader in him, always made sure that he was savored with different genre and writing style. So much is his love for reading, that he literally never let any page unturned.