Concrete Jungle

In a brisk morning
when smokes were hurled
By the towering chimney
I stood at wonder
Looking at the formation
Of carbon dioxide
There were no trees nearby
To consume them
To purify the living breath
And refresh the world
In the hot summer season
When I was walking through
The empty streets
My eyes searched for
Some protection
Given by Nature
Alas , I saw around me
Only jungle of concrete
there was no cool refreshing air
Coming from the trees
All these opened my eyes
I became aware of nature╩╝s beauty
Still I was not able to resist
That snake-charm of concrete

Published by V K Kutty

A book is not just bunch of written pages stuck together, but it is the portal to a world unknown. A time machine, that transports you into different zones. And that was what Mr. Krishnan Kutty did, when he first lay his hands on the books. The Voracious reader in him, always made sure that he was savored with different genre and writing style. So much is his love for reading, that he literally never let any page unturned.